morning run therapy.

the view of my run this morning.  not too shabby, huh?  i’ve got a rather large chip on my shoulder from an encounter i recently had with a person who clearly does not understand the beauty of the midwest, and the greatness of midwestern people, for that matter.  so i woke up this morning, put on my running shoes, and took a little trip around … Continue reading morning run therapy.

salad 101 ~ pickled veggies.

geez ~ it’s been too long.  there’s so much going on, it’s crazy.  and it’s not like i’m not cooking.  i’m just not cooking anything of interest.  it’s fish or chicken and vegetables most nights. today i made a salad for lunch, with salmon on top, and thought i would share some of the quick fixes that really made this salad yummy. i use these … Continue reading salad 101 ~ pickled veggies.