salad 101 ~ pickled veggies.

geez ~ it’s been too long.  there’s so much going on, it’s crazy.  and it’s not like i’m not cooking.  i’m just not cooking anything of interest.  it’s fish or chicken and vegetables most nights.

today i made a salad for lunch, with salmon on top, and thought i would share some of the quick fixes that really made this salad yummy.

i use these short cuts all the time, and they never disappoint.

but first, a picture…

IMG_0531yummm.  okay, that salmon might not look all that appetizing, but hear me out.  there’s a “salmon burger patty” at trader joe’s and it is so easy and so delicious!  you just take it out of the box and pop it in the oven, still frozen!

so, here are my tips for quick and flavorful salads…

tip #1: use pickled veggies!!!

if you make pickled veggies of all kinds, your veggies will be softer, more flavorful, and can even double as a dressing, or at least enhance the dressing you use.  they will always last longer in the fridge, and they’ll be prepped and ready to use at all times.  it’s nothing but a win-win situation.

keep your veggies in separate containers, so you can change up the vinegar or herbs you use.


for every pickled item, you’ll use

1. vinegar

2. olive oil

3. water (to cover the veggies with liquid)

4. seasonings and herbs

5. agave nectar or honey

  • pickled red onions:  slice onions thinly and drop in a container with a lid.  add red wine vinegar, kosher or sea salt, and agave nectar.  add water to cover the veggies completely.  red onions just need a little vinegar and they get so sweet and pink and gorgeous.
  • pickled fennel:  fennel is amazing with orange, so use pickled fennel with orange slices.  so good!  use champagne vinegar, salt, olive oil, honey, fresh thyme, and add the zest of an orange.
  • pickled cucumbers:  use apple cider vinegar, dill, and the other base ingredients.
  • pickled cauliflower:  love this one!  use white vinegar of some kind, and add stone ground mustard to the base ingredients.

i could go on and on.  just pickle whatever veggies you really like, and try some new veggies too!

the salad in the picture has these ingredients:

pickled onions, pickled fennel, kalamata olives, segments of clementines, salmon, and a dressing made with lots of dijon mustard, champagne vinegar, olive oil, agave nectar, salt and pepper, and dill.

do NOT buy store bought salad dressings!  homemade dressings are so easy.  you can even just throw some dijon mustard, lemon juice and olive oil in the bottom of your salad bowl and whisk it up.  that’s all you need!



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