best hollandaise sauce in the WORLD.

i’ve been meaning to post the meals i made when my lovely in-laws were here, and have been running around like a crazy person, neglecting my favorite thing ~ blogging!  who knows why i like to do this, but it just feels so good to share great culinary experiences.  it’s like i’m reliving and re-tasting the food all over again! so, i made an eggbake, … Continue reading best hollandaise sauce in the WORLD.

make-ahead egg bakes.

i’m posting in my new house!  this is my new little closet office… i have BIIIIIIGGGGG plans for this little nook.  i plan to paint the walls a bright, cheery color, like raspberry, put floating decorative shelves in, tons of inspiring pictures, and i might even paint that desk.  not sure.  i also think it needs a chandelier. i’ll keep you “post-ed”!!!  hardy har har. … Continue reading make-ahead egg bakes.

november 7.

i don’t have a recipe to post, but i wanted to say hi.  it’s been so long!  too long!  so much has happened these last few months, and cooking and baking anything post-worthy has slowed to a halt.  i did make roasted chicken the other night, with a cinnamon-chili rub, and root veggies.  and i’m getting ready for a winter full of experimental gluten-free, grain-free … Continue reading november 7.