november 7.

i don’t have a recipe to post, but i wanted to say hi.  it’s been so long!  too long!  so much has happened these last few months, and cooking and baking anything post-worthy has slowed to a halt.  i did make roasted chicken the other night, with a cinnamon-chili rub, and root veggies.  and i’m getting ready for a winter full of experimental gluten-free, grain-free baking, which should be really fun!

in the last few weeks, we have moved into a new house, i had three big performances, and one of my best friends from grad school passed away.  his funeral is today.  he was so full of life and joy, so i will mourn the loss of him today, and then, as he would want it, i will try to move forward and focus on how beautiful life is.  i’ve been in a complete fog since hearing the news, so i hope tomorrow will be a new day, full of warm memories, some yummy baking, and some nesting in my new home!

recipes soon!

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