a weekend with the in-laws.

my mother and father-in-law came to visit this past weekend, and it was such a wonderful time!  how many of you out there can honestly say you enjoy your in-laws?  i can, i can!!!  i’m so lucky.

they came all the way from indiana, knowing good and well that they would be put to work on the new house.  so the only way i could think to repay them was to STUFF THEIR BELLIES.  and did i ever.  i may have gone a little overboard with the “rich” factor.  hollandaise sauce for breakfast, carbonara for dinner ~ it got crazy over here.

but it was worth it all.

the next few posts will feature my wonderful weekend with my in-laws.

soon to come in future posts:

spinach and herb baked eggs with the best hollandaise sauce on the PLANET.

and baked home fries…


spaghetti squash carbonara…


spinach and brussels sprouts salad with mustardy dressing and drunken dried cherries…



chocolate ganache tarts with coconut crust.  too rich for words.



just wanted to give you a little preview of coming attractions.


stay tuned!  you gotta have that tart recipe!  honestly!  no sugar, no flour, and so good!

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