best hollandaise sauce in the WORLD.

i’ve been meaning to post the meals i made when my lovely in-laws were here, and have been running around like a crazy person, neglecting my favorite thing ~ blogging!  who knows why i like to do this, but it just feels so good to share great culinary experiences.  it’s like i’m reliving and re-tasting the food all over again!

so, i made an eggbake, with eggs, milk, cheeses, chives and bacon.  i added some veggies too, but i can’t remember what i added.  they were most likely leftovers.  that’s usually how i roll.

but the hollandaise sauce is the piece de resistance!  in my humble opinion.  i didn’t INVENT hollandaise sauce, nor did i invent this recipe, so it’s not like i’m bragging.  although, i did have the wisdom to steal this recipe and slather it all over my eggbakes.  yesssss.

here’s the recipe:

HOLLANDAISE SAUCE (created by michael chiarello from the food network)

  • heat up 1 stick of butter, and 1/2 cup of olive oil on low. (the olive oil reduces the amount of heart-stopping butter you would normally use.)
  • meanwhile, in a blender, drop in 2 egg yolks, the juice of one or two lemons (i like it really lemony, so i add 2), 1 tablespoon of cream, and some kosher salt and cracked black pepper.  if you have a more fragrant salt, like french sea salt or grey salt, that really makes this sauce pop.  but use whatever you have.
  • blend, and slowly stream in the hot butter/oil mixture.  slowly!  easy does it!
  • top sauce with dill and chives.


those potatoes almost steal the show.  those are baked home fries ~ i think i already posted those earlier…

you’ve gotta try this hollandaise sauce.  it dresses up any breakfast and is so easy.  enjoy!

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