attitude adjustment: check.

i don’t know what i did to deserve this, but i’m in sunny, beautiful tucson, arizona.  the weather is perfect ~ 70, warm sun, lovely breeze, no humidity. this is the university of arizona campus.  WHY OH WHY DIDN’T I GO TO THIS SCHOOL?  i don’t even know if it has a music department.  who cares!  whatever degree they will offer me to walk through … Continue reading attitude adjustment: check.

spaghetti squash…carbonara.

i’ve been bad. VERY bad. well, not as bad as it looks, actually. that’s carbonara, alright.  but SPAGHETTI SQUASH CARBONARA!!!!  WHAT????? i’ll admit, i’m rather smug about this.  maybe someone else has already thought of such a thing?  don’t tell me.  let me think i’ve made it up, okay? thank you. here’s the glorious recipe… i recommend you do this in two steps. NIGHT #1: … Continue reading spaghetti squash…carbonara.

cranberry relish from thanksgiving.

so there’s this soup we have every thanksgiving.  it’s so yummy ~ it’s pumpkin creme bisque, or some name like that.  and it has this incredible cranberry relish that goes on top of it.  i eat large spoonfuls of it while cooking the soup ~ i can’t help myself.  here’s the recipe… cranberry relish dried cranberries, celery, red onion, pecan pieces (or walnut), a green … Continue reading cranberry relish from thanksgiving.

the walk-in office of my dreams.

we bought a pretty little one-bedroom abode in beautiful union hill, kansas city.  the neighborhood is professional manicured, with hilly streets and unique homes everywhere.  the entire neighborhood is about 30 homes, and they all are set up for glorious views of the kansas city skyline.  we have two huge decks that overlook the city, and we love, love, LOVE it. however, there was a … Continue reading the walk-in office of my dreams.