the walk-in office of my dreams.

we bought a pretty little one-bedroom abode in beautiful union hill, kansas city.  the neighborhood is professional manicured, with hilly streets and unique homes everywhere.  the entire neighborhood is about 30 homes, and they all are set up for glorious views of the kansas city skyline.  we have two huge decks that overlook the city, and we love, love, LOVE it.

however, there was a need for an office.  i am self-employed and need a place to get work accomplished from time to time, when i’m not slaving over a hot piano (ha ha).  we have a big walk-in closet, and luckily there is this other closet in our bedroom, which is probably supposed to be the man’s closet, and i should take the entire walk-in closet.  that’s how the conversation would go on hgtv’s house hunters, but i really wanted to make it into a cute little office.

the hub calls it a “walk-in office”.  or a closeffice?  or a closeteffice?  anywho…here are pics of before and after!


and under $100 later, and a couple sunday nights of work…


the walls are painted with chalkboard paint, and the floating shelves are from IKEA!  the paper chandelier is from a cute little store i went to with the hub’s family in minnesota.  it was a really fun day, and i remember it every time i look at the chandelier.

here’s the office from another angle…

IMG_0570i wanted lots of memorabilia and pictures that inspire me.  that map of france is from my dad when he was in the army.  his band won a tour of france and this was the map he used ~ it even has the path drawn in by him.  i’m so glad he kept it all these years.

underneath it is a series of pictures of my first trip to the eiffel tower 40 years later.  a magical experience.  and underneath that is a red phone ~ it isn’t hooked up to anything, of course, but i just love it.  it reminds me of our orange rotary-dial wall phone in our kitchen growing up.  i loved talking on the phone then.  i hate it now.  i wish we still had real phones.

and you can also see julia child’s “mastering the art of french cooking”, which i rarely use, but it inspires me just looking at it.  even though i’m gluten-free and try to cook healthy, i love that book and what it stands for.

right next to julia’s masterpiece is a little white box, called the “cash box”.  i’ve had it since i was little, and used to put money and keepsakes in it.  i didn’t want to forget the code (i’ll tell you ~ it’s 35 ~ shhhh) , so i taped the number on the bottom.  how’s that for naive!  but it reminds me of how far i’ve come in understanding money.  they say your first experience you remember about money shapes you in your outlook regarding money for the rest of your life.  my first memory is of me losing my coin purse (with a jesus fish on the top) somewhere in the dark abyss of my messy closet.  my dad came in and asked me what i was looking for and i told him.  he looked at me like i was so irresponsible and what on earth are we going to do with her.  he wasn’t far off.  thank god i’m starting to get the hang of money, with the help of dave ramsey, my other husband.

i love this little nook.  i look forward to blogging and sewing and surfing the web in here whenever i can.



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