cranberry relish from thanksgiving.

so there’s this soup we have every thanksgiving.  it’s so yummy ~ it’s pumpkin creme bisque, or some name like that.  and it has this incredible cranberry relish that goes on top of it.  i eat large spoonfuls of it while cooking the soup ~ i can’t help myself.  here’s the recipe…

cranberry relish

  • dried cranberries, celery, red onion, pecan pieces (or walnut), a green apple chopped (with the skin), lemon juice, olive oil, chili powder, salt and pepper, a little honey, and cinnamon.  all to taste.  if you have mandarin oranges, throw them in!  cilantro?  yumm!  don’t like red onions?  take ’em out.  marshmallows?  sure.  okay, maybe i’ve gone too far.

this stuff just gets better and better in the fridge, so imagine my delight when i found a bunch of it left after thanksgiving!!!  i took it out today and here’s what i did with it…

  • i tossed it with some baby spinach, a little leftover cranberry orange dressing from my sister’s autumn salad that was SO good, and topped with chunks of goat cheese.
  • i served it with a ham steak (not healthy, but i was in a rush) and some stone-ground mustard.  yummy lunch!


here are some other ways to use this awesome cranberry relish!

  • blend in food processor with some greek yogurt ~ and you have a fall dip!
  • turn into a fall bruschetta topping ~ add roasted garlic, spinach and basil and pulse lightly in food processor.  serve on top of crusty baguette slices, or rice crackers!
  • pound pork steaks with a mallet, spread relish on top, and roll.  secure with toothpicks, dust with coconut flour and brown in a frying pan with coconut oil or olive oil.  finish in the oven if needed.

okay these last three suggestions, i confess, i’ve just thought up.  i’ve been sick and haven’t felt like cooking, but i will try them and let you know how they actually turn out.

there are so many ways you can use this gorgeous relish.  it’s so healthy and versatile, and i hope writing this post will remind me to make it all winter long!


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