attitude adjustment: check.

i don’t know what i did to deserve this, but i’m in sunny, beautiful tucson, arizona.  the weather is perfect ~ 70, warm sun, lovely breeze, no humidity.

photo (8)this is the university of arizona campus.  WHY OH WHY DIDN’T I GO TO THIS SCHOOL?  i don’t even know if it has a music department.  who cares!  whatever degree they will offer me to walk through this campus every day is the degree for me!

this morning ~ i walked a mile to the shopping district next to campus.  i strolled and shopped all morning.  i sat on a park bench.  i drank coffee.  i bought clothes with southwestern flare and nods to aztec design.  i walked the mile back to my hotel.  i’m back in my room, and i feel lighter, thinner, and more healthy and happy than i have felt in the past several months.

so, here’s my point:  if you live in the midwest ~ STOP BEING HARD ON YOURSELF.  there is no way we can compete with these lucky ducks living in warm, tropical environments.  getting to the gym at 5 in the morning when it’s dark and gloomy, and freezing cold, is like swimming upstream.  BUT YOU CAN DO IT!  you can!  but i feel like we have to rethink how harshly we judge ourselves if we don’t make it to the gym in the snow and ice.

most of us look to hollywood as the ideal for beautiful, but that’s not fair to us midwesterners.  movie stars live in this warm weather all year ’round, not to mention the money they have to hire personal trainers, etc.  kansas city has gorgeous weather a lot of the time.  but we have extreme weather, too.  and if that keeps us from walking everywhere or making healthy choices, it’s understandable.

let’s just do the best we can, shall we?  when i get back, i’m going to get back to the gym, take LOTS of vitamin D, treat myself to a massage every once in a while, add meditation to my daily routine, and i’m going to change my view of my body ~ STAT.

i know i don’t look one bit different than i did yesterday.  and i’m sure i haven’t lost a single pound (i haven’t lost a single pound all year, even with all the running and dietary restrictions).  but i look in the mirror after a fun morning of sun and walking and shopping, and for the first time in forever, i like what i see.

it’s something to think about.

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