mystery fried rice.

what does this look like to you?  it’s not the prettiest food ever, but does it look like fried rice? it’s cauliflower!  but it tastes like fried brown rice ~ honest! i really love cauliflower, but of course, i love it swimming in some kind of creamy cheese sauce.  not so healthy.  i also have been missing rice, which is weird because i never really … Continue reading mystery fried rice.

paleo “oatmeal” raisin cookies.

oh, how i love close-ups of my favorite things ~ can’t you just imagine taking a big, chewy bite of this gorgeous cookie? this cookie is…wait for it…grain free, wheat free, refined sugar free, and can be dairy free if you dare to be that perfect. but i made this recipe with butter (just a tiny bit ~ just a 1/4 cup for the whole batch!) and … Continue reading paleo “oatmeal” raisin cookies.

holy moly, it’s hummumole!

bet you can guess what hummumole ~ or say, guacahummus ~ might be, can’t ya? it’s so pretty and so yummy!!!  and boy is it healthy.  if you can’t decide whether to serve hummus or guacamole ~ serve both! here’s how! directions in a food processor, add a can of garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed, 2 cloves of garlic, one or two jalapenos, seeded, 1/3 cup … Continue reading holy moly, it’s hummumole!


cool new happy hour, y’all!  the JULEP COCKTAIL CLUB, located on 41st and pennsylvania, in westport.  (it’s in the same building as port fonda, but you have to walk around the side of the building to find the door)well, it’s actually been around for nine months, but i’m a little slow.  this was a cozy, comfy, classy happy hour, chock full of artisanal cocktails laced … Continue reading JULEP COCKTAIL CLUB.

seasonal affective disorder.

i really haven’t been myself these past few months, or, ever since it looked like the above gloomy picture outside.  i usually embrace winter and happily hunker down with a pile of favorite classic movies, or a good book.  i do my spring cleaning and organizing in january, while it’s miserable out, and live for new soup recipes and hot toddies. this winter, i just … Continue reading seasonal affective disorder.

butter chicken with paleo naan bread.

butter chicken.  it’s sweet, tangy, rich, spicy ~ the perfect comfort food. i went in search for the perfect butter chicken recipe, to impress my indian food-loving friends, and came across a beautiful recipe online.  however, in my not-so-humble opinion, it needed some tweaking. here’s the pixy-fied version! butter chicken the recipe calls for bone in chicken thighs.  and that’s what i used, but it would … Continue reading butter chicken with paleo naan bread.

our kitchen.

as i mentioned a few months ago, we have moved into a lovely little townhouse in a gorgeous community of kansas city, called union hill.  there are projects to be done on the house, but nothing dire.  it is a wonderful and homey space as is.  and the kitchen is no exception.  take a look at my new favorite work space…i’m so proud.  and thank … Continue reading our kitchen.

chopped veggie salad.

doesn’t that look like summertime on a plate?  we need a little summer around here ~ the temp outside on the day i made this summery-looking salad: 9.  sheesh. here are the ingredients for this chopped salad, created by my good friend martha stewart’s daughter, alexis.  ha ha. i feel like all of these celebrity chefs are my good friends, honestly.  they taught me how … Continue reading chopped veggie salad.