let’s bring in 2015 with healthy choices, shall we?  for the past 6 weeks, i have cooked A LOT of food.  and for some reason, i have not followed through and blogged about this food.  i think now i know why.  i don’t believe in it.  not in the way i believe in clean eating.  sure, it was all gluten-free.  most of it was even grain-free and sugar-free.  but it was holiday food.  i think we all know how to make chocolate taste great, and appetizers pop when you’re using potatoes and bacon.  DUH!  but the real recipes i want to share are life-giving and energy producing.  and delicious!  those are the recipes that motivate me to take pretty pictures and rave on and on.

that being said, i would like to share two recipes i discovered over the holidays:  gluten-free scones and gluten-free gingerbread cookies.  both are lighter and more delicate than their floury counterparts, and you won’t feel weighed down when you eat 20.  ahem…i mean 1 or 2.  or 3.

i also made potato latkes for a party recently, and oh my my.  they were a hit.  shredded potatoes fried in butter and oil and topped with chive sour cream and pulled pork.  amazing.  i did not skimp on the butter or the sour cream, or the taste-testing while making them.  sheesh.

i will post those scone and cookie recipes soon, but i just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  i don’t know who’s out there reading this, but i am thoroughly enjoying this blog.  i feel like it is a silent accountability partner when i’m in the kitchen.  i don’t want to make something and then have to report later that i used unhealthy ingredients.  this blog inspires me to stay clean and healthy and happy!!!!


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  1. Don’t worry, anyone who’s anyone reads this blog. I’m excited about those gingerbread cookies! (and the nuts)

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