pickles on toothpicks.

that’s not really what these are ~ i’m just quoting bridget jones’ diary.  this is the earliest appetizer i remember eating and loving.  my mom made these for parties when i was growing up.  they’re easy and cute, and i’ve made them at two separate occasions over the holidays.  sometimes old school can’t be beat!

  • take a large piece of salami and slather with softened cream cheese.
  • place a quartered mini pickle in the middle and roll tightly.  lay on a cookie sheet, cut side down.
  • continue until one of the ingredients (probably the cream cheese) is gone.
  • stick in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour, or until the party!
  • just before the party, take the little rolls out of the freezer, cut the jagged ends off, and slice into bite-sized pieces ~ and that’s it!  they’ll defrost in about 10 minutes.  i like them cold but they’re also good if they’ve been sitting out all night.  they’re quite indestructible, actually.  which is something i’m always looking for when i’m throwing a party or taking treats somewhere.

of course, you can change this up ~ add goat cheese or blue cheese to your cream cheese, or add dill or other spices to your cream cheese.  or put an olive in the middle!  i don’t even know if that would work, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

here’s a pretty picture!


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