our kitchen.

as i mentioned a few months ago, we have moved into a lovely little townhouse in a gorgeous community of kansas city, called union hill.  there are projects to be done on the house, but nothing dire.  it is a wonderful and homey space as is.  and the kitchen is no exception.  take a look at my new favorite work space…IMG_0613IMG_0612IMG_0609i’m so proud.  and thank you for thinking even for one minute that my kitchen is EVER that clean.  that’s precisely why i took pictures of it that day ~ it was a christmas miracle!

i have nothing but love for this space, after years and years of apartment living.  i have lived in apartments in brooklyn, germany (someone else’s home), chicago, various parts of missouri and kansas, and probably some locations i have forgotten at this point ~ or blocked out.  and i have never owned a home.  at 41, i feel like a newlywed!!

there are some wonderful projects we have in store, and i hope to patiently work my way through a few of them this month, since it is cold and miserable outside, and the weather is not agreeing with me physically, at all.  so while i am holed up, trying not to pass along any germs, i will be cooking in that sunny kitchen, and hopefully posting some fun reno “before’s and after’s”!!!

wish me luck!

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