seasonal affective disorder.

IMG_0598i really haven’t been myself these past few months, or, ever since it looked like the above gloomy picture outside.  i usually embrace winter and happily hunker down with a pile of favorite classic movies, or a good book.  i do my spring cleaning and organizing in january, while it’s miserable out, and live for new soup recipes and hot toddies.

this winter, i just can’t get into it.  i can’t seem to stay physically well, i can’t follow through with projects, and i’m not consistent with my exercise.

the main difference ~ and this is a big one ~ is that a few scant months ago, i had found a wonderful life in running.  i had been running for a little under 6 months, and found it to be a depression CRUSHER.  and it had to be the “running outside” kind of running.  i still run on a treadmill, but it doesn’t give me the boost in serotonin i’m so in desperate need of.

now, i know avid runners run in all kinds of weather; my high school friend lives in minneapolis and she runs in feet of snow and waaaaay sub zero temps!  so why shouldn’t i get out there and do it too!

i’m just so afraid it’ll mess with my singing voice.  but honestly, NOT running is messing with my voice!  i can’t bring myself to practice.  so why not just get out there and do something about it!

the other option is yoga.  spending the winter in a warm, healing yoga studio sounds pretty great to me.  i just need to do it.  tomorrow.  asap.

it’s so hard to bring yourself out of a funk, isn’t it?  can anyone relate?


5 thoughts on “seasonal affective disorder.

  1. I surely can relate. All I can think is: you don’t know until you try. Just lace up and head out at least once. You don’t even need to run far. Just get the feeling of it, maybe you’ll like it…

  2. well, i laced up and decided to get out there today, and then i looked at the temp and it was 18 degrees. UGH! too cold for my first time out! i should have just gone to the gym, but the temp just took the wind out of my sails. i won’t let that happen tomorrow ~ i will go to the gym no matter WHAT! LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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