mother nature has thrown me a bone today, and i will be running outside in 45 degree weather!  so excited!  can’t wait for it to warm up!

in the meantime, i want to start something new and see if you like it.  i’m calling it the SEXY SEVEN.  it’s seven things i read in a healthy cookbook that i absolutely adore, and it looks really fun.  seven things to do everyday to make you feel and look amazing.  WHO’S WITH ME????

before i list the seven sexy habits, i need to give credit where credit is due.  candice kumai is the author of the book “cook yourself sexy”.  she’s also a co-host on the show “cook yourself thin”.  she’s lovely.  her recipes are lovely.  and her advice for healthier living is really simple and smart.  here are the seven basic guidelines:

1 drink more water at least 10 cups of water a day, and choose green and herbal teas over sodas and coffee.  if you drink alcohol, stick to red wine, and limit it to just a few drinks a week.

2 meditate each morning sometimes i think meditation and prayer are just the same, and other times, i’m convinced they’re polar opposites.  it seems like prayer is many times a list of requests and complaints we voice, where meditation is just sitting and being, and if you think or say anything, it’s “i’m happy with who i am right now”.  there’s no reason why we can’t pray like that too.  it’s just an observation.  anyway, her mantra is this:  “today is going to be an amazing day.  i will set my intentions on being positive at work and make sure i take a walk outside at lunch to energize myself”.  sounds nice!

3 eat clean and real with FWB’s what are FWB’s?  foods with benefits!  isn’t that cute?  it means step away from the protein bars and empty food, and start eating real and whole foods.  fresh fruits, veggies, lots of leafy green veggies, green juices, nuts, greek yogurt, tuna, you know the drill.  everything my mean grean clean recipes try to focus on, but i will definitely try to up the anti for sure!

4 practice the 75% rule and stay positive i love this one.  i think you will too.  every meal should consist of 75% fresh produce. mmmm.  eat until you are 75% full.  and keep 75% of your day active and engaged.  and stick to these rules 75% of the time.  brilliant.  this is so kind.  i love it.

5 banish your bad habits you know your bad habits.  do you drink too much?  do you smoke?  do you stay up too late and eat crap in front of the tv?  i’ll tell you mine ~ i waste time.  i choose the lesser life, when i could be living in the penthouse.  to me, the penthouse is:  running every day, practicing every day, yoga at least twice a week, being productive, teaching and never getting tired, taking a french class…i won’t bore you any further, but i’ve had illusions of how i want my life to be since i was a teenager, and they haven’t changed since.  i’d really like to turn those dreams into reality.

6 move toward a sexier bod i love the way she says that!  it’s not “move toward a thinner bod” or “take inches off your waist or butt” ~ nope.  because that’s not necessarily sexy.  what’s sexy is being happy with your body, having lots of energy, glowing, stuff like that.  candice says just move at least 45 minutes a day.  a brisk walk, yoga, even shopping!  ha!  i like the way she thinks!

7 get more sleep probably my favorite one.  and i love what she says:  create a peaceful sanctuary in your bedroom so you can get your ZZZs.  beauty sleep burns more calories, relieves stress, and keeps you happy and energized in the morning.  don’t sacrifice sleep ~ it’s the best thing you can do to achieve a more confident, sexier you ~ and, best of all, it’s free.

i’m going to print this list out and put it in my purse, and on my fridge.  and i’d like to check in here daily, just to hold myself accountable, and report how i fared each day.  if you choose to be a part of this, please comment and tell us how you’re doing!!!!

okay, let’s do this!




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