update: sexy 7.

it’s been about a week since i posted the sexy 7, and i love having these easy goals on the brain!  here are some efforts i made lately to upgrade my life from “blah” to “sexy”!!!

3 eat clean and real with FWB’s 

avocado is my big latest addition to my diet.  i’ve always eaten avocado, but i’ve been focusing on it more lately.  on two separate mornings, i ate an avocado for breakfast.  it’s a great way to start the day, it really is.  just cut it up, put lemon juice and olive on it, and sprinkle with cumin, salt and pepper.  that’s all!  i wasn’t hungry for hours after that unassuming little avocado!

i also tried sardines.  i have heard how healthy and beneficial they are, so i tried them.  i drained the olive oil off of them, tossed them in gluten-free cornmeal, and fried them up in coconut oil.  they tasted like tuna on steroids.  much meatier, more intense in flavor, and really good.  i couldn’t stop and ate them all!

5 banish your bad habits 

i’m working to choose the “higher road”.  practice instead of watch tv.  clean the kitchen as you go.  clean the house instead of wallow in self-loathing and sense of confusion.  check some items off to-do list instead of hanging around worrying about said to-do list.

it’s all almost too stupid to admit.  except i do easily admit it because it’s just human to be that way.

on monday, MLK JR DAY, the hub and i took a walk.  we walked to the gym and lifted weights together, then walked to lunch.  we walked home and i didn’t turn the tv on.  instead, i made a honey-caramel sauce for that night’s dessert.  i kept the place quiet and it felt really nice.

6 move toward a sexier bod 

i recently downloaded an app called PACER.  it tracks how many steps you make in the day, kind of like a fitbit, only on your phone, and free.  i really want a fitbit, but this will have to do for now until i can afford one.

i’ve also started lifting weights three times a week.  i hope to run every day as well, and my next goal is to add one glorious yoga session on friday mornings.  i still haven’t found the place, but i hope to start somewhere in feb!

although i feel really good about these goals, i’m also struggling with stress, anxiety and depression.  all at once.  KUHBLAAAM.  so frustrating.  time to add that meditation thing ~ STAT!!!

i’ve had a couple friends comment that they really like this SEXY 7 list ~ I’M SO GLAD!  i really like it too, and i hope you’ll join me in finding a way to upgrade our lives this year!


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