mystery fried rice.

IMG_0640what does this look like to you?  it’s not the prettiest food ever, but does it look like fried rice?

it’s cauliflower!  but it tastes like fried brown rice ~ honest!

i really love cauliflower, but of course, i love it swimming in some kind of creamy cheese sauce.  not so healthy.  i also have been missing rice, which is weird because i never really liked it before i went off grains and gluten.

so here’s a way to satisfy your cravings and get a healthy and easy base to your meals!

fried cauliflower “rice” in a frying pan, caramelize some yellow onion in olive oil until it starts to brown.  add some minced garlic, soy sauce (tamari if you’re gluten-free like me), a dash of sesame oil, and some fresh grated ginger.

meanwhile, in a food processor, add a head of cauliflower and pulse until it resembles rice ~ that easy!  i think it’s best to put it in two batches, though.  pulse a little, then add it to the frying pan.  then pulse the rest and add it.

stir it all together and fry for a few minutes.  then add some chicken, veggie, or miso broth (about a 1/2 cup), and let it soak up all the yummy juice.

add more soy sauce to taste, or just add a little salt if you need.  toss in chopped cilantro!

of course you can do anything you want with this basic recipe ~ add more veggies, add meat, whatever you want.  it’s faster than rice and think of all the fantastic nutrients you’re getting from cauliflower!!!

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