paleo “oatmeal” raisin cookies.

IMG_0643oh, how i love close-ups of my favorite things ~ can’t you just imagine taking a big, chewy bite of this gorgeous cookie?

this cookie is…wait for it…grain free, wheat free, refined sugar free, and can be dairy free if you dare to be that perfect.

but i made this recipe with butter (just a tiny bit ~ just a 1/4 cup for the whole batch!) and one egg.  you can substitute those ingredients with equal amounts of palm shortening and flax egg substitute.  easy.

this recipe was adapted from this fantastic cookbook ~ AGAINST ALL GRAIN by Danielle Walker.  it’s a paleo book, and i think that might be how i’m eating lately.  don’t want to label it, but this book has so many recipes that work for me and my hub.

anyway, here’s the recipe!

  • preheat to 350 degrees and slap some parchment paper on two sheet pans.
  • cream 1/4 cup butter and 1 egg in a mixer for 1 minute on high.  (the recipe called for 1/4 cup palm shortening but i used butter.)
  • add 1/3 cup honey and 1 teaspoon vanilla and mix for another minute.
  • in another bowl, mix together 4 teaspoons cinnamon, 3/4 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 cup blanched almond flour (that’s the white almond flour ~ not meal), 2 tablespoons coconut flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 2 teaspoons flax meal.  (if you think you can’t find these strange ingredients, you’re wrong ~ i bought all of these items at hy-vee!)
  • add the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl and mix for another minute.  scrape down the sides and mix for another 30 seconds.
  • add 1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut and 1/2 cup raisins, and mix for yet another minute.
  • roll into balls (use an ice cream scoop!) and flatten slightly with your hand.
  • bake for 12 minutes, until the edges are lightly browned.

need another viewing ~ up close and personal?

IMG_0643nothing more to say but try these.

7 thoughts on “paleo “oatmeal” raisin cookies.

    1. I got the almond flour at Whole Foods (those big bins they have are pretty affordable) and the coconut flour from Hy-Vee. They have so much in their health section. I think the coconut flour is Bob’s Red Mill ~ under $5 for a bag.

      The almond flour needs to be the blanched, or white, almond flour, not meal. It makes all the difference!

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