today is an important day.  it’s the first day after a very unhealthy weekend.  it’s crucial to start the turn-around, no matter how terrible it feels.  and i’ve already failed with the gym because my car won’t start.  i could walk to the gym but it’s 5 degrees.  no thanks!  i’ll be making a little hot yoga happen right here in my house in a few minutes!

i’m also going to meditate.  i’m desperate to add that to my routine and i keep putting it off!  isn’t it amazing how the things that really benefit us are the things we put off, or just flat out don’t do?

i love being around people who make good choices.  i want to be that inspiration to someone out there, like those people are to me.  so today, i will use this time while quarantined, to practice a little yoga, meditate, be kind to myself, and detox from the weekend of restaurant food and imbalance.

stay tuned for detox soup, soon to be posted in pixy’s mean clean recipes!


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