so, i like to think i “eat like a bird”, and i still maintain that i do.  i eat a lot of nuts, seeds, greens, tomatoes, fish, and nibbly little things, like dates and olives.  my diet mostly consists of whole foods and an occasional square of dark chocolate.  i don’t eat sugar, i don’t drink soda, i don’t eat processed food, and i try to just stick with red wine, as far as alcohol is concerned.

all good, right?


yes, it’s all good, but i’ve realized that i still end up taking in more calories in a day than i should.  i had NO IDEA until i started this “my fitness pal” thing.

take a look…

it’s a real eye-opener, people.  unless, oh maybe you don’t eat too much?  maybe you’re not a grazer like i am?  maybe you don’t peruse cookbooks while watching celebrity chefs, while eating lunch?  i eat sleep and BREATHE food.  actually, i don’t eat food nearly as much as i think about cooking, baking, reading or writing about food.

so, for my age and weight, if i want to lose weight, i have to consume no more than 1200 calories a day.  if i burn calories, obviously the number goes up.  which is why i’ve been hauling butt at the gym!  the incentive:  FOOD!!!

i still believe that it’s not how little food you’re eating that you should focus on ~ it’s really important to make sure that what you’re eating is fortifying your body.  for instance, a handful of raw almonds is more than 200 calories!  woah!  but don’t stay away from them!!!  they are SO filling, and so good for you.

i just didn’t realize how quickly it all would add up ~ yesterday, i hunkered down at a first watch to do some work and have breakfast.  i picked a greek fetish omelet with potatoes, coffee, and a fresh-squeezed juice.  800 calories.  excuse me?  800?  i had 400 left for the rest of the day.  YIKES!  but i did pretty well.  i ate my mimosa soup (79 calories for 2 cups) and snacked a little throughout the day, then had enough left for a glass of wine at night.  but man ~ i’m wiped today.  this is hard, y’all.

i’m just glad i found out why i’m not losing weight.  i think this is going to do the trick.

anyone have any great weight-loss stories, complaints, tricks?  please share!

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