a beautiful day off. and paleo pancakes.

the hub and i had a rare and fantastic day off on friday!  we started our day with these yummy chocolate chip pancakes and coffee, then went to the NELSON ATKINS MUSEUM (one of my favorite museums in the world ~ and i’ve been to some!) then we had lunch at the museum cafe, then home for some house work, e-mailing and chilling.  then we … Continue reading a beautiful day off. and paleo pancakes.

greek “cream cheese” yogurt dip fake-out.

it’s a creamy dip and it’s good for me?  WHAAAA?  WHERE DO I SIGN?!!! this is a really easy technique that will take your healthy greek yogurt from morning granola to dinner party with friends! it tastes like cream cheese, y’all.  CREAM CHEESE. all you need is a fine mesh sieve and some paper towels.  you could use cheese cloth, but i never know where … Continue reading greek “cream cheese” yogurt dip fake-out.

ooh la laaaa ~ quiche.

oh joy ~ oh rapture.  i just made quiche for dinner!!!  it was heavenly.  it was everything you want in a quiche.  flaky, buttery crust and flavorful fillings.  and minus the stomach ache after! first, here’s a picture.  i took my dish outside while the beautiful spring sun was still shining and it made the dish even more delectable… can’t ya just smell the fresh … Continue reading ooh la laaaa ~ quiche.