the bedroom (the only bedroom!)

almost forgot to post the bedroom makeover!  this happened over one long weekend, sometime this winter, and we absolutely love it.

yes, we actually bought a house with only one bedroom.  but it’s a beautiful big space with a gorgeous deck attached.  it’s just perfect for us.  we want a small space to take care of, so we can spend all our free time and money hanging out, drinking wine, and traveling.

so far, it seems that drinking wine is the only thing we’ve had time for, sadly.

so here’s the before…



and here’s the AFTER!!!

IMG_0667 IMG_0664

that may not look like a huge difference in the picture, but the darker grey is really romantic and cozy.  we painted the trim around the sliding glass door the same paint color, so that not even white trim would compete with that amazing view.

my next project is to paint those dark brown bedside tables silver and give them some pretty drawer pulls.  stay tuned!

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