anyone hungry for brunch?

THE DROP at Martini Corner ~

this is a fabulous place for brunch, and a very nice little bistro/bar all of the other times of the week.  i have an amazing group of friends who frequent this place most sundays after their church jobs.  wanna join us?

you might ask ~ “what is a church job”?  in the classical music biz, musicians are paid to sing or play at various churches.  it’s a very nice addition to the starving artist’s non-existent paycheck.  and you get to go to church for money!  i love my church ~ st. paul’s episcopal.  incredible people.  meaningful sermons.  beautiful music.

yesterday, there was a lovely group of 8 at THE DROP, sitting on the porch while it POURED down rain outside.  here’s a picture…

photo 2 (2)

funny ~ you can’t see the rain pouring down at all!  it was very romantic until it started blowing in.  then we moved inside.

there’s only one mother at the table, and we made sure she was celebrated on mother’s day.

our beloved server is HENRY.  he is the sweetest server ~ he gave me a hug on mother’s day, no matter what my procreational status.  🙂

here’s what i had for breakfast:

roasted potato/sweet potato hash, two poached eggs, and chorizo gravy.  ALL GLUTEN FREE!!!  so yummy.  i usually get the smoked salmon eggs benedict.  a gluten-free breakfast delicacy.

please go there.  it’s an amazing place.  the woman who owns it cooks everything as if you’re just a guest at her house on a sunday morning.  i love her.

oh, and mimosas are $3.  boom.

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