martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives.

okay, one more recipe from my dinner party ~ these were such a hit.

by now, people who like cocktails all know about martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives, right?  and i’ve made them at home before.  but not THIS GOOD.

here’s the trick:  go to costco and get the green, already-pitted CASTELVETRANO OLIVES.  they come in super large jars, and aren’t very expensive at all.  i think only $9.  they’re not too salty and have a very mild flavor.

stuff with your favorite blue cheese, and FREEZE.  the blue cheese at costco is awesome.

when it’s time to make your martini, your frozen olives can keep the drink cool, and can also thaw a little in the vodka. and if you like dirty martinis, the olive juice from these mild olives is so perfect.  not dirty in color, and not too salty.

these are really great tips the hub and i stumbled across ~ let me know if you try it.  he stuffed all the olives from the jar, so we have a whole summer of blue cheese stuffed olives to look forward to!  so if you don’t make them yourself, just come over!

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