quick pickled veggies.

need more pickled vegetables in your life?

yes.  the answer is yes.  you do.

this is just a reminder to get picklin’!  you don’t have to do that canning thing ~ just make some quick ones and eat up.

pickles are so good for you.  they’re a great, low-calorie snack, a refreshing accompaniment to any grilled meats or portobello mushrooms, and you can simply toss them with lettuce and you have a salad!  no dressing required!

pickled veggies are a great way to use random veggies you bought at the farmer’s market on a whim, and maybe didn’t quite think through exactly how you were going to use them.  (not that i’m speaking from experience.  who me?  never.)  well, have no fear ~ just pickle them!!

here’s my latest creation!!


i guess it’s also a great use for pretty glass too, huh?  so it’s a thursday morning ~ so sue me ~ i wanna have my mid-morning snack in a cute martini glass.  that’s how i ROLL.

this isn’t a recipe ~ it’s merely a formula.  here’s what you need…

  • the vinegar of your choice
  • the veggies of your choice
  • the onion type of your choice
  • the fresh herbs of your choice
  • the sweetener of your choice
  • kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper
  • add water and stir!  throw a lid on the mix and let it sit in your fridge until you can’t stand it anymore and just have to have some!!!

the above picture has the following items: one english cucumber, the green parts of some green onions i bought at the farmer’s market that were HUGE, some thinly sliced red onion, shaved fennel (that anise flavor is my favorite, and it’s really good for your tummy too), and some thinly sliced white radishes (also an impulse buy at the market).

i used rice vinegar, some mustard seeds, fresh basil, dill, mint and cilantro, and some white sugar (i’m trying to get rid of all of my refined white sugar ~ it’s almost all gone).

it’s really good with a little cottage cheese on top!

here’s another picture!


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