the quest for health and weight loss.

okay, here we go.  time to “up the ante”, as they say.  what in the world does that mean, anyway?

i’ve been running for more than 9 months now, and eliminating all gluten and most grains for that long, as well.  i’ve lost only a little weight, but i feel really good.

i’m ready to take this health, healing, and weight loss thing, to the next level.  i’ve got ten more pounds to lose and it’s gonna be HARD.  but i’m not really interested in being patient anymore.

so…here’s my plan:

  • i’m going off sugar (again).  i’m thrilled to do it, honestly.  last time i tried it, it was great.  this doesn’t mean i can’t have a celebratory dessert every once in a while.  what it means is no more HIDDEN sugars.  no bbq sauce or honey in everything including dressings.  i’ve been enjoying making some grain-free little muffins and cookies lately, just to have little sweet treats around the house.  but those aren’t helping.  it’s a clean, sugar-free house for a while!
  • i’m adding weights to my daily running, as much as i don’t want to.  i thought running would be enough.  but i guess over 40 means nothing is ever enough.  am i right ladies?
  • i’m doing hot yoga on tuesday nights with some friends.  i used to do bikram yoga like a champ.  hope i still have the moves.
  • i’m cutting my red wine intake IN HALF.  never easy, but gotta.
  • and lastly ~ i’m going veggie crazy over here!  if i was a veggie eater before, this is the superhero version of veggie eating. the veggie olympics.  stay tuned for recipes!

if that doesn’t do it, i’m giving up.  ha ha!  just kidding.  i will never give up on the quest for health and happiness.  it’s so worth it.

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