people, i am ANGRY about my slow weight loss this year, after miles and miles of running, eliminating foods like crazy, and coming up short (no pun intended ~ i’m not talking about being 5’2″).

SO, i’ve decided to do DR. OZ’S TOTAL 10 RAPID WEIGHT LOSS PLAN, and i am PUMPED!!!!  anyone else want to do it with me?  i need accountability partners and friends who can help me through this, so if you want to do it, please comment here and let’s get started, y’all!!!

here are the links you need.  the last two you will want to print.




and because i really like to abbreviate info ~ because i have the amazing ability to become overwhelmed quite easily, here’s the basic idea, in my words…

  • start your day with hot water and lemon (i already do this and it is brilliant.  a drop of maple syrup or honey helps)
  • follow the meal plan ~ there’s a shopping list you can print out ~ it’s so easy.  lots of yummy choices and you won’t feel like you’re punishing yourself.
  • eliminate the following: wheat, artificial sweeteners, white sugar, alcohol, processed foods, all dairy except greek yogurt (which you can turn into cheese, by the way. i’ll post the recipe), and any food between 8pm and 8am (that’s gonna be HARRRRRD).
  • also, take a multivitamin with 1000IU of D, and detox baths.

he even gives you recipes!  i will post the ones i try, in addition to my own recipes.

WHO’S WITH ME?  if you are interested, PLEASE REPLY!!!!  i would really love to have at least 10 people do this with me, and commenting throughout the process, because it won’t work the same for everyone, and everyone will have different tough spots and different revelations.

LET’S DO THIS!!  i’m starting right now!!!  first thing:  grocery store!  second:  organize fridge and pantry!  third:  take a nap.  cuz the grocery store exhausts me.

on that note, let’s add naps to the list!!!!

  • take a nap every afternoon.

there.  you’re welcome.

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