greek yogurt cheese.

here’s how you make greek yogurt cheese.  it’s like a tangy cream cheese, and it’s the only dairy you can eat on the TOTAL 10 PLAN.  i have never liked yogurt, until now.  i’ve discovered that the whey (the extra liquid that comes out when you drain it) is the part that is too tangy and “yogurty” for me.  so this is a great discovery for me!

here’s how!

1. you need greek yogurt.  you can do any percentage ~ 0% or 2%…


2. line a fine sieve with a paper towel and dump the yogurt in…


3. cover the yogurt with the edges of the paper towel and put a bowl underneath…


4. leave the yogurt on your counter for a few hours, or until most of the whey drips out of the yogurt.  the yogurt will get thicker and more condensed.

you can then mix this yogurt cheese with all sorts of goodies.  today, i’ll probably do cucumber, lemon juice, chives and fresh herbs from my little urban garden.

i’ll post a pic in a few hours when my yogurt cheese is done!

here’s that picture!


it’s rich and creamy, and really hits the spot when you’re trying to be good.  i served mine with smoked salmon, pickles, and fresh veggies…


you know what those look like, but sometimes you need to be reminded of how gorgeous they are.  vegetables are simply gorgeous.  that’s all.

i hope you enjoy your yogurt cheese!  this recipe can be made with regular yogurt that has not been strained of its whey, but i really like it this way better.  let me know what you think!!!

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