i’ve had a lot of awesome friends and family show interest in starting this plan with me!  at least 10 of you have texted or e-mailed me over the last 24 hours and i am THRILLED!!!!!  yippeeee!

if you mean business like i do, please comment on here (you can sign in under a secret name if you want) and let’s do this together, shall we?

and let’s make today our prep day and start the plan in earnest tomorrow, okay?


  1. clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry.  make room for all the new, lean, clean, beautiful foods.
  2. force your hub to drink all the beer in the fridge.  cuz he aint havin’ any for the next 10 days!  (by the way, how do you all feel about just committing to 10 days?  let’s not get too overwhelmed.  i plan to do this all summer, but i’d like to just get used to it first, before i sign on the dotted line.  and how about one cheat day also?  thoughts on that?)
  3. do your grocery shopping.  don’t forget the list dr. oz has so kindly put together for you!!!  here in kansas city, we are so lucky to have a trader joe’s.  i went this morning and got everything i needed, and it was all really affordable.  that’s the beauty of trader joe’s.  if you find that your total 10 shopping list is too expensive, just get the basics.  for instance, you really don’t have to buy flax oil to see results.
  4. make the detox broth.  the hub is horrified by the name of this broth.  so what shall we rename this broth?  jus?  brodetto?  savory tea?  any suggestions?

bonus points:  while that broth is simmering, i’m going to make hummus.  we’ll need snacks, STAT.  i’ll post a recipe shortly.  and finally, i’m making my yogurt cheese right now!  i’ll post that ASAP!

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