TOTAL 10: DAY 1.

how’s everyone doing? did you start the plan?

the hub and i are off to a somewhat rocky start.  woke up late for church, so no water with lemon, and no smoothie.  although all of it was prepared and ready to be easily consumed.  church picnic after, which wasn’t too bad, actually.  roasted chicken, spinach salad, tried a bite of some sudanese food (i’m a sucker for trying ethnic food).  who knows what was in that stuff, but i live for experiencing other cultures.  anyway, not too bad overall.

i came home and ate some more.  the veggie broth ~ man that is delicious.  i added cinnamon and black peppercorns to mine when it was simmering away, and i’m really happy with the product.  also had some smoked salmon and yogurt cheese.  OH!  i have to post the final picture of that yogurt cheese!  it is so creamy and satisfying!  i’ll do that right away!

so far, so good.

and then, tonight.  we had a color specialist come over to look at the exterior of our house ~ an italian-style, victorian we share with another owner.  we have the back 1/3 and he has the larger front of the house.  he was rude to me, ignoring most of my questions, and made a lot of “you women are all alike”-ish comments.  “if the wife ain’t happy, no one’s happy.”  if he had even taken a second to get to know me, he would know i’m not like that.

10 rude minutes into the consultation, he said, “this’ll take around 2 1/2 hours”.  i looked at the hub ~ 911 ~ “open the wine or i’m gonna go postal on this male chauvinist bully”.

so here, we are, in the aftermath of the meeting, sitting on our porch, continuing to drink wine while the healthy dinner is cooking, and i’m wondering why people drive me to drink.

but that’s just it:  social awkwardness and rudeness drives me to drink.  i really can’t stand the way some people treat me.  and even though i feel like i stand up for myself in the best and most diplomatic way i know how, i still can’t win sometimes.  and THAT is when i turn for the vino, baby.

this is a hard thing to admit.

i also love wine because it is a way of life i totally and whole-heartedly subscribe to.  i like slow evenings on the porch with the hub, drinking a dark red glass of tuscan wine, eating light antipasti, talking, or not talking, just savoring life.  i’ll never give that up.

but what we’re trying to do here is just 10 days of giving up the wine.  just 10 days.  and i didn’t make it past day 1?

tomorrow.  tomorrow will be better.

3 thoughts on “TOTAL 10: DAY 1.

  1. Sarah- I love your efforts through all of this! You have built a healthy way of eating, a basic exercise regimen, and shown an incredible desire to succeed. Might I suggest a slight tweak to your exercise? The principle involves muscle confusion- find a series of exercises that mimic activities of daily life, then build a random order system that you use two or three times a week in addition to your current plan. They need to be weight-bearing, since that is what burns more calorie. I have tons of this stuff available…let’s find a plan that works for you!

    1. thanks for the comment, david!
      until now, i really had been resisting the weights and other stuff because i wanted something mindless. i wanted to zone out at the gym, or on a run. i needed to get my head in the game, and not dread or be overwhelmed about a daily workout. so in that case, i guess i haven’t completely wasted my year. but i see now that it’s not enough.
      you are an amazing trainer ~ i still remember a lot of the exercises you had me do when i was working with you, and they’re amazing. give me all the info you possibly can!!! i started a 7-minute workout app the other day, that has those types of exercises you mentioned (hay bales hurt!), and i need to check if they can be switched around in different random orders. even though it’s just 7 minutes, it’s really hard and really awesome! maybe some day i’ll be able to do 3 sets of 7-minute workouts!
      see you at the gym???? xoxo

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