TOTAL 10: DAY 4.

i think we’re starting to get the hang of it over here.  slowly but surely!

how are you all doing?  if you’re doing this plan, i hope you are adjusting nicely.  just hearing other people’s stories is so uplifting and inspiring.  and to find out that we’re all human is pretty nice too!

yesterday was a little better.  i still cheated and had a glass of wine with lunch, but i’m focusing on all of the great food and great workouts i’m doing.  i’m not going to be super hard on myself while trying to get used to this plan, and i don’t think you should either.

while i don’t feel like we’re following the plan to the letter, i still actually notice some detox effects ~ my skin is detoxing (breaking out and oiliness) and that’s a good sign.  my digestion is super weird, but it’s always weird.  i expected that.  and i’m really depressed.  that i didn’t expect.  i just need to make sure i’m not super hard on myself while doing this.  it’s really difficult for me to stay positive.

so, the good things ~

this morning:

hot water with lemon ~ check.  

smoothie ~ check.  

multi-vitamin ~ check.  

great workout ~ check.  

and last night for dinner, we did a great job!  we had fake fried rice, made with cauliflower.  so good.  have you tried it?  here’s the recipe ~

it would be so yummy with fish or chicken, but we slicked it up happily by itself.

let’s not forget to reward ourselves with a good dose of contentment when we DO have little successes, shall we? and post your successes and challenges when you can!!!

4 thoughts on “TOTAL 10: DAY 4.

  1. Down 5 pounds! Restarted today, zucchini noodles are my obsession and lots of water! I feel much better. No dairy has helps too, looking to cut out gluten too.

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