TOTAL 10: DAY 6.

happy friday!!!  it’s been a week of ups and downs, struggles and victories, but overall, i feel great about it.  i really don’t know how to feel about sticking to the diet perfectly, without cheats or allowances.  it just doesn’t feel right to do that.  won’t i just fall off the wagon and be so miserable and angry with myself?  so i’m following the diet about 95%, and occasionally doing some things that aren’t on the diet, like a glass of red wine here and there, or some goat cheese.

although my plan is to focus on this diet for just 10 days, i’m positive i will continue this way of eating from now on.  so i don’t want to do it perfectly, lose weight, and then just gain it all back when i go back to normal.

anyone else feel that way?  where are you in your process?

i really think it has to make SENSE with your life.

the things that really resonate with me so far ~

  • the hot water with lemon.  briliant.
  • the smoothies.
  • i keep going one step further into veggie heaven.  it’s amazing.
  • i’ve pulled back almost completely on my dairy.  saving my beloved cheese for special occasions.
  • i think i’m completely off sugar.  that’s a great feeling!
  • and finally, no eating after 8pm.  it’s more like 9 with my schedule, but the food i eat after 8 is popcorn with coconut oil, an apple, or kale chips.  it’s very light and i’m pulling way back on even that.

this is a really great diet.  i have been tired a lot this week, but today, i feel brighter and more energetic.  my workouts are becoming more intense and that’s a great feeling as well.

please share how you are doing.  it would be great to hear from you.

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