bran muffins.

i have a wonderful friend and voice student who recently had a particular hankering for some gluten free bran muffins that weren’t all mushy and gushy on the inside.  she had tried some recipes and they all seemed to come out with the wrong consistency.  so, she presented the challenge to me and i’m happy to report that i met that challenge.

well, i cheated a little.  before you sing “for she’s a jolly good fella” and parade me through town ~ i found the recipe online.  someone else was the genius.  but i’m super happy with the results.  here’s the link.

pretty awesome blog!!

they’re made with almond flour and coconut sugar ~ two of my favorite things.  i also added cinnamon, because i add cinnamon to EV. RY. THING.

i didn’t even bother taking a picture (LAZY) because mine turned out looking exactly like hers.  so check out that recipe ~ it’ awesome!

let me up the ante a bit, though ~

these delicate little muffins are PACKED with flaxmeal, which is a great, clean way to get some serious fiber into your diet.  KAPOW!  i made these muffins in a mini muffin tin and, after they had cooled, froze the ones i didn’t eat right then and there.  imagine taking two of these little treats out of the freezer in the morning, nuking them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and eating them with a protein-powered smoothie.  pretty darn good way to start your day!

and here’s another idea i’m dying to try ~

turn them into morning glory muffins!  my absolute favorite!  simply add shredded coconut, raisins and other dried fruit of choice, and walnuts!  and don’t forget the cinnamon!

thanks to my friend for such a yummy challenge!!!

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