buy local on the plaza!

hello, lovely kansas city ladies!  this post is for you!  or for anyone who would like to take a little trip to kansas city for some fun, food, and SHOPPING!!!! (sung in operatic voice)

i’ve been on a rampage the last few days ~ shopping my way through the weekend.  oopsy.  but it felt right to me.  i needed some summer comfy digs and it seems like everything out there is cute, and ON SALE.  oh yeah baby.

while i absolutely adore the plaza ~ the beautiful architecture, the fantastic shops, the FOOD, the people ~ sometimes i get tired of the national and international chains.  i really like small boutiques where the owner has hand-picked everything in the store.  and i like, and need, the prices to be on the “YOU’RE KIDDING!” side, not the “AWW MAAAAN” side.  who doesn’t?

so i wandered into this cute little shop ~ TULIP.


nestled between THE BETTER CHEDDAR and ZOCALO, and across from PAPER SOURCE (my ultimate guilty pleasure ~ i live for cute office supplies!!!), this store is, as the cashier put it, “the best kept secret on the plaza”.  it’s locally owned, and there’s not a slutty, thin-fabric crop top in the whole joint.

the non-sale items are between $20 and $80, something like that.  the sale rack ~ well ~ let me tell ya.  it did not disappoint.  great prices, classy cuts that flatter a 40-something curve ball like me, and the service was wonderful.  i don’t like to be bothered a lot when i shop.  believe me ~ with my experience, i know exactly what i’m doing.  i should have a doctorate in shopping.  so leave me alone, be nice to me when i need you, and you’ll have my loyalty forever.

i spent $100 on 4 extremely cute and versatile pieces that will last a long time.  i left some great jewelry behind, but i had to stop somewhere.

this shop is awesome.  and i worried when she said it was the best kept secret on the plaza.  don’t let this locally owned shop leave the plaza.  it might be one of the only locally owned shops on the plaza right now, so stop by and keep this business in business!!

just thought you’d like to know…



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