the next level.

this TOTAL 10 experiment has taught me SO MUCH.

we’re still kinda following it over here, but more importantly, because of the eliminations, i’ve been able to take some things out of my diet that were keeping me from losing weight.  and keep them out!

the hardest thing in the world:  giving up wine.  i am allowing myself to drink one day a week, and i thought i’d NEVER be able to do that.  but it has changed everything.  i’ve realized that my senses dull when i drink wine every day.  i don’t enjoy all the things i normally love so much.  i’m one of those lucky people who absolutely LOVE a million things.  but drinking sort of dulled my passion for all other things.

the second i quit, i lost 3 pounds.  i think from the sheer relief that i had finally made up my mind to quit, and was going to do it no matter what.  the day i quit, i had a dinner party to go to that night, which was the ultimate test.  but i drank water out of a wine glass, and i had a really great time.

i had totally forgotten that i am a person who can have fun in almost any situation!  why was i relying so heavily on wine?

anyway, this is all very difficult for me to admit.  but there you have it.  honesty is healing.


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