breakfast 101: poached eggs w/avocado and tomato.

happy thursday!  it’s a dark and stormy morning out there… the rainy view out my front door… and i’m feeling relieved to finally get a moment to slow my heart rate down.  my week hasn’t been the smoothest week ever.  can’t complain, but still.  i need a healing morning.  let it thunder and lightening.  let the rain come down.  let’s brew some coffee, and make … Continue reading breakfast 101: poached eggs w/avocado and tomato.

eating healthy on vacation.

we have some very dear friends (more like family) who share their lake house with us.  it’s in the middle of small-town missouri, where you would think it would be impossible to eat healthy. well, it is pretty hard.  i’m not gonna lie ~ the air constantly smells like fried food. everywhere you go.  everywhere. this post is all about HOPE.  if my friends and i can … Continue reading eating healthy on vacation.