for the life of me, i haven’t been able to relax lately.  lately as in, the last 20 years.  is this simply how it feels to be an “adult”?  if so, i say a resounding “no” to adulthood.

i know there are more things to stress out about when you’re grown than when you’re a child and don’t know what taxes and mortgages are, but i don’t really buy that.  shouldn’t childhood, or at least the high school/college years, have been more stressful?  when you’re a teenager, one false move and your entire path could have changed.  i had so many dreams of what i wanted to do with my life.  i wanted to make sure i worked as hard as possible to realize those dreams.

now, at almost 42, those goals have been accomplished.  i’m a professional musician, i’m married to a great guy, i own a home, and i live in a great city.  those really were my main goals.

so, why can’t i relax and enjoy the fruits of all my hard work?

so this fall, with all my have-to’s and running around from rehearsal to gig to the gym to the grocery store ~ i’m going to add one more goal.  RELAX.

i hope you can do this with me.  or help me do it?  i’m really going to need help with this one.

last night, i began my routine with my own personal-sized party-for-one cheese plate, and some lovely pinot noir. (that’s sliced turkey, tillamook cheddar, a gorgeous bleu, some nut thins, and a trio of jalapeno mustard, stone ground mustard, and grapefruit preserves)…


on my beautiful deck that was not used all summer (shame) …


with a silly girly magazine (gotta get the scoop on fall fashions, right?)


and this view accompanied me…


it was warm out there, with a nice breeze, and for a moment, i chilled the heck out.  never easy.  but a little goes a long way.  just 20 minutes of relaxation and i feel like i can handle today’s crazy schedule (2 rehearsals and a performance ~ ay yay yay)

i wish i could meditate or read a devotional book or pray or do yoga.  but for now, i have to start with just relaxing and not making it fancy.

won’t you join me this fall, with all the goings-on and craziness, and take out a few minutes each day to just step away from our hectic lives for a moment and relax?

i know everyone out there has different ways to take time out.  i’d love to hear some of your favorite ways to chill!  please post them if you feel like sharing!

2 thoughts on “relaaaaaaax….

  1. I’ve found it’s hard to enjoy relaxation when you and your husband have different schedules. Do you know what I mean? He’s working all day with normal hours, and I’m running around from place to place with 17 different jobs, and when our schedules DO line up, we think we should be doing something EPIC, not relaxing. HA!

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