gluten-free fried zucchini flowers.

are you ready for some mouth-watering pictures? here we go! i don’t even know what to say, except this is ONE SEXY MEAL.  and i’m almost embarrassed to report that it was breakfast, too.  fried food for breakfast?  TERREEEEBEEELAY! (italian for terrible) in this one, you can see the poached egg hiding under the mound of fried zucchini flowers… and even closer… and then, at … Continue reading gluten-free fried zucchini flowers.


what just happened? life just hit 100 miles an hour.  five performances last week ~ the first week of the season and my head is spinning.  and although it’s fall, and all of our lives seem to pick up this time of year, it’s magnified by being married to a teacher, and my performance season is always from august to june.  so why am i … Continue reading woah.