what just happened?

life just hit 100 miles an hour.  five performances last week ~ the first week of the season and my head is spinning.  and although it’s fall, and all of our lives seem to pick up this time of year, it’s magnified by being married to a teacher, and my performance season is always from august to june.  so why am i so surprised?

so many different challenges and exciting endeavors this year will bring.  but so, so hard to really sink my teeth into any one of them.  i have the severe, chronic case of the “movin’ ons”.  i do something really special and i just move on to the next thing as seamlessly and quickly as possible.  no reflection.  no afterglow.  just get on with life.  and while that sounds quite healthy, it’s really kinda sad.

yesterday, i was a part of a truly beautiful, emotional memorial in music.  all WWI-related text.  so incredibly heart-wrenching and special.  i sang through tears most of the time.  i don’t want to just throw that experience away and move on to laundry and lessons and body self-loathing, etc.  what a waste.

i want to start the whole 30 diet.  i really, really do.  but there’s so much to savor right now.  and i have a deep need and love for savoring.  that’s why i’m up after the house is quiet and i’m hidden in my little closet office, desperate to take a moment and attempt to savor a few quiet moments before tomorrow’s craziness.

and no dreading, please.  dread is my worst trait.  why would i dread?  must look at tomorrow as a great day, because it WILL be!

thank you for your time.  i really needed this little pep talk.

new recipes coming soooooon!!!!

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