all-natural cold and flu remedies 101.

woke up this morning with a sore throat and a runny nose ~ so i thought this would be a good time to share some cold-busting tips i’ve learned over these years of being a singer.  i’ve also picked up some great additional tips listening to this awesome podcast, FOOD HEALS, out of southern california, and these two women really have some incredible ideas for … Continue reading all-natural cold and flu remedies 101.

fruit with caramelized cream.

mmmm…. a total, absolute hit. the original recipe is BERRIES with caramelized cream.  so i made that the first time.  the second time, i decided to make it a little more autumnal with fried apples.  also amazing.  i loved both equally ~ and i especially loved the fact that it had NO SUGAR. the recipe calls for stevia, which is a product i really wasn’t … Continue reading fruit with caramelized cream.

salmon en papillote.

okay, darnit!  i’m posting those beautiful dishes from the dinner parties, whether i have nice pictures or NOT! i’ll start with salmon en papillote:  fancy-french for salmon baked in parchment paper.  i’ve heard about it for years and years, but thought it might not be my cup of tea, since i really love a crunchy exterior on fish.  which is why i love to fry … Continue reading salmon en papillote.

blogger’s block confession.

i have been struggling to blog these past few weeks (feels like months).  i had two dinner parties and could not WAIT to share the recipes with you, but i have zero pictures.  i was having way too much fun and the pictures, when i actually remembered to take them, came out dark and blurry.  i don’t really want to post anything without a mouth-watering picture, and … Continue reading blogger’s block confession.