blogger’s block confession.

i have been struggling to blog these past few weeks (feels like months).  i had two dinner parties and could not WAIT to share the recipes with you, but i have zero pictures.  i was having way too much fun and the pictures, when i actually remembered to take them, came out dark and blurry.  i don’t really want to post anything without a mouth-watering picture, and i just can’t get past this amazing party full of recipes.

so i’m going to move on.



but before i post a recipe for some yummy healthy muffins ~ that are in the oven right now (i just heard the timer!) ~ here are some blurry, dark, out-of-focus pics from the dinner party…


good hand modeling, frank.  ha ha

reading from left to right: frank and his apple watch (show-off), salmon en papillote (i want to devote an entire post to this amazing recipe), asparagus with crushed almonds, and “ugly” potatoes.  they turned out so mushy and deformed, but so delicious.  hence the name.  but this picture makes it all look so drab.


almost forgot to add this blurry caesar salad.  ha ha ha


better in bulk?  still no.


look at this pretty face, though!  i call her peaches.  🙂


blurry.  so sad.  this is an incredible recipe i found in one of my favorite cookbooks: I QUIT SUGAR by Sarah Wilson.  the original recipe is berries in caramelized cream.  it is sensational, and uses no sugar ~ only a little stevia.  i decided to change it up for fall and made it with apples.  it was a hit…too bad it looks so sad in this pic.


that’s a little better, but SO up close!  what was in my drink that night?

i love these recipes, so i will, no doubt, make all of this again.  and when i do, there will be gorgeous pictures if it’s the last thing i do!

anyway, i’m waiting for my creation to cool at this very moment.  if i taste it and it is worthy of a blog post, i’ll do that TODAY.

stay tuned and thanks for waiting for me to get my act together!

3 thoughts on “blogger’s block confession.

  1. You know what, they still look good to me! Give me a recipe for caramelized cream any day and I don’t even CARE what it looks like!

    (nice models…)

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