green juice.

greeeeen.  the prettiest color.  actually, my favorite color is orange, but when we’re talking about health, i think this color beats all the other crayons in the box. don’t you just see the nutrition in there?  that’s life in a jar, y’all. do you have a juicer?  if not, you can order juices from your local juicerie.  if you don’t have a cafe that juices, … Continue reading green juice.

gut-healing soup!

this is a story of how i made it through a long, exhausting day, with FOOD.  not caffeine, not sugar, but healthy, energizing, whole foods. it was a cold november morning.  i woke up knowing i had double the amount of students to teach, and was tired and sore from yesterday’s workout. i wasn’t feeling well and i had lots to cram into my day. … Continue reading gut-healing soup!