green juice.

greeeeen.  the prettiest color.  actually, my favorite color is orange, but when we’re talking about health, i think this color beats all the other crayons in the box.


don’t you just see the nutrition in there?  that’s life in a jar, y’all.

do you have a juicer?  if not, you can order juices from your local juicerie.  if you don’t have a cafe that juices, here’s what to do!

there are juicers out there for $100.  that’s the one i have ~ the jack lalane juicer for $100.  it’s easy to clean ~ that is, as long as you unload the contraption even BEFORE you drink the juice, and rinse it off.  then you can throw it all into the dishwasher if you’re lazy.

once you have the juicer, go to TOWN!  juice like a FIEND!  i dare you!

there’s no trick to this.  just juice everything that you need in your day and drink it.  then the rest of your meals can be healthy, fiber-filled, yummy, and satisfying.  just think ~ you’ve already fortified yourself in one juice, so you can have fun the rest of the day!

here are my favorite items to juice…

  • dark, leafy greens (it’s so easy to just throw those in and receive the nutrients in one go)
  • ginger (peel it, chop it into 1-inch cubes, and store in the freezer.  then you’r ready to use it whenever you need.
  • carrots
  • celery (especially wilted celery ~ spared from the trash can!)
  • cilantro and parsley
  • cucumber
  • red bell pepper
  • a whole lemon ~ peel and all!
  • and you can sweeten all juices with apples and pears.  yummy!

this doesn’t mean you don’t need veggies for the rest of the day.  you need that fiber! but now you can rest assured that you have taken your supplements in the purest form.  

if you have any worries or questions about juicing, holluh!!!

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