day 3 “no! sugar…till thanksgiving!”

day 3 of the “no sugar till thanksgiving” detox, and i’m not gonna lie ~ IT’S HARD.  anyone else doing this with me?  i’m feeling pretty lonely and isolated, which is a symptom of sugar withdrawal.  i’m treating myself to this carrot/lemon/jicama/apple fresh juice this morning.


not sure i’m supposed to have this many carrots, but man it feels good!

yesterday was the worst.  for sure.  i felt like i had the flu.  fever, chills, emotional, zero energy.  i canceled voice lessons (SORRY, LOVELY STUDENTS), i contemplated my future, i dreaded each passing hour.

all this, and i wasn’t even eating refined sugar before!  i was eating “natural” sugars and drinking red wine only, for the most part.  but still, it’s just as hard.

but i did make it through without caving.  i even met the hub at our local pub and had a sparkling water with lime!  that’s huge!  but i did eat a lot of high fat foods and i don’t want to continue that.

i am determined to make day 3 a better day!

carrot juice to start, coffee and tea galore (decaf, as usual), water like crazy, and i think i’ll test some of my thanksgiving recipes in advance, just to get prepared and excited for next week!  and to keep my mind off my angry body!

if anyone else out there is doing this, chime in with your woes and successes!


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