no! sweets…till thanksgiving! ~ finale.

well, it’s the day after thanksgiving, and i did it, y’all.  i stayed off the “sauce”, and the sugar and honey and everything else nice, until the big day!  actually, the day before the big day.  i was baking and cooking and taste-testing everything, so that day definitely counts.

it was all good and fun, but i’m going right back to my no-sugar life, starting today.  now that i know how good i can feel, i think i’ll just stick to only a couple glasses of wine on the weekends, and no other sugar, except for special occasions.  i’ll give it a try, at least.  it’s worth it ~ i can tell it’s worth it after only a week.  giving up the wine is especially important.

and i don’t know if this will upset her ~ i hope not ~ but i have to tell you that my mother cut way, way back on her sweets intake as well, and i am so excited about her progress!  her body is thanking her already!  no acid reflux and even a little weight loss!

did you all know that acid reflux is more connected to sugar than anything else?

why aren’t doctors telling us that?

anyway, i just want to thank everyone for being so supportive of this blog, and of my no-sugar challenge.  a lot of people have considered, or even done it with me, and i am so impressed and thrilled!  i hope you made it through okay and are feeling as great as my mom and i are!

i hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving!  today, i am feeling so thankful for my great life, and all the wonderful people in it.



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