“anything goes” green detox soup.

welcome to the dreary and boring winters of kansas city.  not nearly enough snow, no sun, no nothing. the only drama one can drum up is in the kitchen. i don’t know if a healthy, hearty, green detox soup is dramatic, but it sure makes me feel like i can do anything. two weeks ago, i did a juice fast.  just for three days.  it … Continue reading “anything goes” green detox soup.

hearty italian bean soup (vegetarian)

anyone else having a tough time this january?  it’s cold here, but not much snow.  just dreary and gray. well, sometimes a hearty italian soup can be just the remedy, especially when served with a lovely glass of chilled, refreshing pinot grigio. this soup is a take on an italian classic ~ i’m convinced the italians weather their mild winters beautifully because they eat this … Continue reading hearty italian bean soup (vegetarian)

buffalo veggies. (gluten-free, dairy free)

oh boy oh boy.  i did i really good thing in my kitchen earlier this week, and i have to share it with you. by now, surely you’ve seen the buffalo cauliflower craze. there are recipes everywhere.  i believe i already posted one myself, months ago.  but this week, i think i took things a step further, and possibly healthier! no butter! and crunchier! CRUNCHIER!!! … Continue reading buffalo veggies. (gluten-free, dairy free)

chia pudding. (dairy free)

have you tried this stuff?  i had no idea it would be this good, or this filling.  i had 1/2 cup, or less than that really, at 7:00 this morning, and three hours later i was still going strong! and that’s after a rigorous training session at the gym! i’m so glad i tried it. i don’t know how appealing this actually looks.  think “tapioca”, … Continue reading chia pudding. (dairy free)