new beginnings.

happy 2016, y’all!  i hope your year is off to a lovely start.  but if you’re like me, it’s off to a bit of a wobbly start.  the holidays were hectic ~ lots of travel, lots of toxic food and drink, and very little rest or recuperation.  after my stressful and never-ending christmas performance season, i really needed 3 days in a spa somewhere in california.  i’m sure you feel likewise.

and now it’s time to face some demons that are holding me back from my best self.  hold on ~ this is going to be a bumpy ride!

  1. time to set more boundaries.  i’m starting to get the picture that as we getter older, we need more and more boundaries.  when you’re young and dumb, you can tolerate bad jobs, bad boyfriends, bad hairdos, without quite as much scar tissue as when you’re older.  i just don’t bounce back from wasting my time on things that aren’t right for me like i used to.  i might need a career change too.  ugh.
  2. back to counting calories.  i think it worked for me last year.  i’m taking it up again.  anyone else using fitbit?
  3. must create my own eating plan.  you know those “21 days to health” meal plan diets?  i love those!  with the grocery list and everything?  so neat and tidy.  the problem is:  hardly any of them leave out gluten and grains.  except maybe the whole 30 plan.  anyway, i need to make my own.  i’ve been researching healthy and delicious food for 20 years.  surely i can make my own plan!
  4. two more items to eliminate.  i’ve eliminated sugar ~ check.  gluten ~ check.  grains ~ except for the occasional rice, oatmeal or quinoa ~ check.  caffeine ~ check.  next up:  dairy and alcohol.  today is day 3 of eliminating dairy, and day 4 of alcohol.  my hope is that i stay away from both all month, with just a few occasional exceptions.
  5. meditation.  gotta add meditation.  i have this adorable new app ~ headspace.  i love it.  i just need to use is EVERY DAY.

that’s about it. i have other goals, but they’re ongoing.  gotta practice more, gotta push away those negative, depression-feeding thoughts, gotta clean the basement, yada yada…

thanks for reading this.  if i post this nonsense, i stand a better chance of posting more yummy recipes.  it’s my process ~ i can’t help it.  don’t forget that you can comment and share with us your thoughts on what you’re eliminating this month, or your goals for 2016.  it feels good to share sometimes…




2 thoughts on “new beginnings.

  1. Amazing Sarah, I love these fresh start ideas. I installed the headspace app during my lunch hour in my cubicle today. It’s great and worked even in the workplace. Tomorrow I will do it from home in the morning. Great way to put your mind in the right direction for the day. Thanks for the recommendation. Here’s to a fabulous positive 2016.

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