buffalo veggies. (gluten-free, dairy free)

oh boy oh boy.  i did i really good thing in my kitchen earlier this week, and i have to share it with you.

by now, surely you’ve seen the buffalo cauliflower craze. there are recipes everywhere.  i believe i already posted one myself, months ago.  but this week, i think i took things a step further, and possibly healthier!

no butter!

and crunchier!


while i would eat anything in the world if it had frank’s hot sauce on it, i do feel like the buffalo cauliflower recipes are a little soggy and sad.  don’t get me wrong ~ i down the suckers!  but this recipe cures the “i wish this was breaded chicken” thoughts you might have, while settling for veggies.

these are truly.  incredible.  this picture says it all…


wait ~ what’s that little round veggie to the right?

the crunchiest little brussels sprouts you ever did see.

here’s another closeup…


oh baby.  how many other awesome veggies could be hugged with these gluten-free breadcrumbs and wing sauce?  the possibilities are endless!!!

BTW ~ i’m super proud of my tiny, cute little camera for such pretty pictures. thank you to my little canon!

the only thing about this recipe that might annoy you at first is that there are a few more steps than just tossing them in the oven once.  but they’re quick and easy, and the end product is SO worth it.  and it varies with each type of veggie, so mushrooms don’t need the initial roasting step.

mushrooms!  AAAAGH!  must try those immediately!

here’s another picture, and the glorious recipe.



buffalo veggies

  • Difficulty: easy
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  • your favorite veggies! cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, onions (think onion rings), mushrooms…
  • coconut oil or olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • garlic powder
  • celery seed
  • gluten-free cornbread mix (i love bob’s red mill)
  • freshly grated parm (opt)
  • gluten-free corn meal
  • almond flour (opt)
  • frank’s hot sauce (not optional, and no substitutions! ha ha)


okay, here’s the idea.  you roast the veggies first, just to soften and mostly cook them.  if they’re soft veggies, like mushrooms, you can skip this step, or roast them for a smaller amount of time.

next, you toss the veggies in the bread crumb mixture and pop them back in the oven to finish cooking, and to crisp up the bread crumbs.

finally, toss in the hot sauce and put them back in the oven for a few minutes, to seal the deal.  

so, here’s how…

  1. toss the veggies in melted coconut oil, just to coat.  you can also use olive oil.
  2. add the salt, pepper, garlic powder and celery seed to taste.
  3. roast in a 400 degree oven, for 15 (give or take) minutes.  you might want to stick a fork in them, to see how they’re doing.
  4. take out and throw them in a ziplock bag with the mixture of cornbread mix, cornmeal, almond flour, and parmesan cheese (equal parts, or whatever you have on hand.  you can’t possibly do this wrong.  it’s all good!)
  5. place back on the baking sheet and roast for another 15 or 20 minutes.  watch for that gorgeous golden color.
  6. final step!  take them out and douse in frank’s hot sauce!!  pop them back into the oven, even with the oven off if you want.  just get that sauce to settle in.  if you’re doing this for company, wait to do this step right before they arrive.  careful, they may never leave!

sorry that’s a little wordy!  but do it once and you’ll get the idea.  or just come over to my house, because i’m pretty sure this is going to be a nightly ritual!!!

fitbit says this snack is around 150 calories if you eat 2 cups!  i ate a whole head of cauliflower on tuesday night.  and about 15 brussels sprouts.  but it was my dinner.  i’m not particularly proud of that, but there it is.



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  1. You are so funny! But, I’m salivating! This sounds delicious. Make some for me the next time I come. I’m particularly fond of mushrooms – hint, hint.

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