“anything goes” green detox soup.

welcome to the dreary and boring winters of kansas city.  not nearly enough snow, no sun, no nothing.

the only drama one can drum up is in the kitchen.

i don’t know if a healthy, hearty, green detox soup is dramatic, but it sure makes me feel like i can do anything.

two weeks ago, i did a juice fast.  just for three days.  it was life-changing.  i felt immediately better.  when i started back on food, i felt terrible.  so i went to my naturopath doctor and he said my gall bladder wasn’t functioning properly.  aha.  and that is directly connected to depression.  isn’t that amazing?  so, two issues are currently being treated with one enzyme.  fabulous.  i love it.

since then, i’ve been drinking one large green juice almost every morning, and eating mostly plant-based (with fish) the rest of the day.  i’m eating 85% cacao dark chocolate, i’m drinking red wine, and i’m not worrying too much about it all.  and all because of that amazing green juice every morning.

this morning, i just wasn’t feeling it.  so i had a hard-boiled egg and decided to make a soup instead of a juice.

i looked in my fridge and realized that literally anything in my fridge pairs well together.  anything!  that’s the beauty of a plant-based diet ~ you can throw all those veggies in together with a little seasoning, and you have a very healthy, very flavorful meal.  and, of course, you can add chicken or sausage, or cheese.  but i’ve slowed that down just a little, for now.

so, anything goes in this soup.  i cleaned OUT my fridge making this gorgeous soup.  i mean, just look at this color!


that’s the color of food your gut just LOVES.  and because i had this soup for lunch (and i have tons to freeze for other days), i can enjoy myself tonight!  within reason, of course.  but i feel like i did such a good thing for myself today.

so here’s my favorite discovery, after much soul-searching….

rock your veggies early in the day.

get a large green juice in that beautiful body of yours, or a soup like this, and forget all your cares for the rest of the day!

within reason.


even though you don’t have to worry about getting those veggies in later, you will totally reach for them.  i promise.  i already am obsessed with the flavor of all veggies, but i have noticed i am reaching for more whole foods all day long, simply because i’m telling my body immediately that it’s going to get what it wants!  you’re welcome, gall bladder!  i got your back, colon!

here’s the recipe.  but really, like a lot of my recipes, it’s just a template.  it’s all about not getting out in this yucky weather, not freaking out with a huge grocery list, not stressing out about a darn thing, cuz you had yo veggies, people!!!

anything goes green detox soup

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here’s the idea.  this is really all you need, but i’ll write out exactly what i did today as well, just to get you going.

  • take everything that is green out of your fridge, especially the stuff that has been neglected.  even green lettuces.  and don’t forget your freezer!  frozen peas deserve to be eaten too.
  • add onion, garlic, carrot, ginger, whatever you have to flavor your greens.
  • add spices and herbs.
  • add veggie stock.  if you like thick soups, add some raw cashews.  cashews will really make your soup creamy.  you don’t need to use cream.  cream goes bad in the fridge anyway, and it’s not good for the ole gut!
  • blend and top with tomatoes, if you have them, or parmesan cheese, etc.

ingredients (here’s what i used today)

  • onion
  • carrot
  • garlic
  • broccoli
  • frozen peas
  • frozen shelled edamame
  • serrano pepper
  • ginger
  • miso
  • chicken broth
  • dried dill
  • cilantro (stalks and all)
  • baby spinach
  • raw cashews
  • roasted tomatoes for the top


in a dutch oven, add a tablespoon or two of olive oil and/or butter.  drop in your chopped onion and let them start to sweat.  then add your garlic and carrots.  after a few minutes, drop in your greens ~ broccoli, peas, edamame, etc.  all except the spinach ~ add that last to keep the whole soup a nice green color.

P.S. you can just roughly chop all your vegetables ~ it’s all going into the blender.

add your seasonings ~ like salt and pepper, dill, ginger, serrano pepper, cilantro.

add the liquid ~ i used water and a couple tablespoons concentrated stock, and some miso, just to get rid of it.  bring it all to a boil, then turn it down to medium and cook until the broccoli is tender.  about 15 minutes.

at the last minute, add a big handful or two of spinach.  stir for a minute, then transfer to a blender (work in batches).

you can top with roasted or raw tomatoes, fresh cracked pepper, a drizzle of rich olive oil, or parmesan cheese.  or all!  

enjoy your veggies today!



2 thoughts on ““anything goes” green detox soup.

  1. Great post! Funny how I never thought about using stems and all of the cilantro…love that idea! Love you too!

    1. Love and MISS you!!! I saw someone do that ~ using the stems ~ and I thought it was so nice to not have to waste anything. Also, the flavor is even more cilantro-y and holds up beautifully to the cooking process. WOOT WOOT!
      I love cilantro lovers!

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